Glass Proxy – Proxy Scraper

GlassProxy is simple yet fast proxy scraper software, scrape thousands of fresh proxies for your job and use them to your favorite programs.

GlassProxy providing an handy features such as Proxy Manager which can be used for proxy-testing, and Proxy Scraper for gathering fresh proxies from specific proxy sources. You can also add your own proxy source url to the software. The proxy scraper module has Javascript Rendering support that allows you to scrape proxies from any modern websites.

You can also add proxy source url manually and select type of proxy url use js render or not required js rendering.

After you set all proxy source you can try to scrape all  proxy from your proxy source, wait untul finished and then you can transfer all scraped proxy to Proxy Manager.

Demo Video Glass Proxy Proxy Scraper


After you watched Glass Proxy demo video, let us explain all Glass Proxy features, glass proxy are made special for who need bulk proxy server for fast.

All scraped proxy is fresh so you are allowed to use scraped proxy for botting programs, traffic generator, or you can also use this scraped proxy for social media accounts.


Glass Proxy – Proxy Manager

This tab contains proxy testing feature, filtering, export etc. And of course, you can create your own custom test profile, this features allows you to specify custom test url. Simply go to settings > manager > tick Run Custom Test checkbox.


Perform Test

This menu is used for testing all scraped proxy after transfered to Glass Proxy Manager, select test all proxies to test all scraped proxy, and then option menu test untested proxies is used when you want test all untested proxies.


Search Engine Menu

This tab is for filtering which proxy are work to connect with this search engine, you can check your scraped proxy is supported for Google, Bing, Yahoo and also Custom Test.

See your working proxies detail in this tab, you can see proxy address, port, ssl proxy, proxy type, Anon level, proxy speed, and last check.


Show Stats

Check all working and available proxy when you are testing proxy in glass proxy manager, in here you can see amount proxy, proxy type, and passed google, bing, yahoo or cusotm test this show stats menu are updated automatically when you are testing proxy.


Add Proxies

You can also use your own proxy for testing working proxies, add proxy from file or add manually with format proxy:port:username:password.


Remove Proxies

Remove all error proxy, in this menu you can remove all error proxy, and not only that you can remove error proxy by filtering like error proxy for search engine google, bing, yahoo and
also custom test error.


Export Proxies

Export all working proxies by this menu, select your export format and done for using this scraped proxy soon.


Glass Proxy – Proxy Scraper

In this tab you can easily to scrape all proxies from proxy source url, default Glass Proxy is provide you few proxy source url, but you can also add your proxy source url manually, when your proxy source url cant scrape, Glass Proxy have scraping features to scrape with JS Rendering or without JS Rendering.


Scraped Preview

This menu is used when you want to see all scraped proxy from your proxy source url.


Transfer all to Manager

Transfer your scraped proxy to Glass Proxy Manger, check your scraped proxies like proxy type, ssl proxy, anon level, or proxy speed in Glass Proxy Manger.


Add Source

Input your proxy source url manually here, and dont forget to input valid proxy source url select your proxy source url type, is website using js rendering or no.


Scrape All

Scrape all proxies from all added proxy source url by once click and wait until it finished, after finished feel free to transfer all scraped proxy to Glass Proxy Manager.


Glass Proxy Configuration

Configurations can be found here, you are allowed to change all Glass Proxy Configuration here in this menu you can found few sub menu like Global, Manager, Scraper.

So how to use change config? in this menu, you can easily navigate all available sub menu here and change config as you want.


Global Proxy Configuration

This menu is used when you want to setting auto save data when using this Glass Proxy, action on close in this option you can select minizme to tray or terminate application.

Minizme to tray is used when you click x button in Glass Proxy this software will minizme to tray, next for option terminate application is used when you click x button you can close
Glass Proxy.


Manager Proxy Configuration

You can see few options of this configuration, like Testing configuration, custom test setting, thread setting, retry setting, and timeout setting, lets us explain one by one.


Testing Configuration

This option is used to config your testing proxy manager, to check is https proxy, google proxy, bing proxy or custom test proxy.

Custom Test: Input your custom test url and also indicator keyword if scraped proxy is working for custom test.

Threads: Setup proxy manager threads as you want, Glass Proxy have feature up to 100 threads so you can easy and fast for testing all scraped proxy.

Timeout: Setup timeout setting when you testing scraped proxy.

Retry: Setup maximum retry setting if Glass Proxy testing fail.


Scraper Proxy Configuration

Threads: set your proxy scraped threads as you want, maximum thread for proxy scraper is 100 threads.

Retry: set maximum retry when proxy is failed to scrape.

Timeout: set your timeout when proxy scraper is running.


Glass Proxy Features and Changelog

Proxy manager features:

  • Support http, socks5, socks4a, socks4
  • Built-in Https tester, Google tester, Bing tester and Yahoo tester. You can also specify your custom tester.
  • 3 level of anonymity: Transparent, anonymous, elite
  • Filter by ANYTHING.


Proxy scraper features:

  • Built in 20 proxy sources.
  • Easily manage and add custom proxy sources.
  • Javascript renderer. Some websites uses javascript to processing their views. With GlassProxy you’re able to render them before gathering proxies.


Other cool features:

  • Multithread in all modules (up to 100 threads)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Minimize to tray
  • Support All Bot Programs
  • Support Social Media Accounts
  • Support Traffic Generator
  • Support Zombie Pilot


Glass Proxy Changelog

Version – [September 2018]

– First release

  • License Lifetime
  • Unlimited PC
  • Portable Software
  • Supported Windows OS
  • Required .NET 4.X.X.X
  • Version: